establishment servIces


Maintenance And Support ServIces

Some of our services are to bring the hardware and software into working status that customers use or will use in the future in their information activities, making the necessary settings, installing backup servers, upgrading the backup servers, device changes, connecting systems to each other etc.

Some of the services which require expertise that are offered to our customers within the scope of consultancy are: designing, optimizing, upgrading, renewing, ensuring uninterrupted and high performance operation, standardizing, securing by defining security policies, ensuring inter-system integration and defining efficiency enhancing models of used or required information technology infrastructures.

Data recovery can be achieved from the hard drives which has physical damage, fall to the ground, impact, earthquake, flood, liquid contact, fire damage, too hot and too dusty usage environment, power cut, restore the operating system, file delete, formatting, turning into raw format, system restore.

BRS Consultancy realize all the data recovery processes with granted success in whole data loss cases thanks to experienced and capable staff and its technical substructure.


BRS Consultancy’s basic approach is to increase the customer satisfaction and productivity by ensuring that the information and technology infrastructures used by our customers work smoothly in accordance with the standards.

BRS Consultancy offers alternative service models in the form of contracted, guaranteed, periodic maintenance, call-based on-site or telephone support in line with customer needs.